The business philosophy of FirstLook Screening is now, and always will be: “The clients’ needs comes first” and cost will not be an issue.  You will receive the finest in white glove service at a discounted price.

Dennis Gibson

Dennis Gibson, the owner of FirstLook Screening is a former law enforcement officer with the Sacramento County, CA Sheriff’s Department and is uniquely qualified to spearhead FirstLook Screening.  His 20 years of experience in law enforcement has given him a great amount of expertise in numerous areas.  He has worked in the jail system, communications, patrol services, investigations and was a member of SED (SWAT team).  He has interviewed thousands of victims and witnesses as well as an uncounted number of suspects and arrestees. As a supervisor he has also trained other officers and civilian employees.

This background gives Dennis a keen understanding of the value of you knowing well those with whom you choose to associate.  Whether it’s hiring new personnel, renting apartments or deciding who the volunteers will be to work with children, the cost of NOT knowing is far greater than the cost of a thorough background screening performed by FirstLook Screening.  In the words of a late US president, Ronald Reagan:  “Trust but verify”.

Nine years before retiring from law enforcement Dennis founded Sunburst Bottle Company from his garage. Sunburst Bottle grew from a home-based start-up to a multi-million dollar business that was ultimately sold to a large international company.

The experience garnered from a career in law enforcement and the lessons learned while founding, growing, operating and selling a successful company have enabled Dennis to learn the importance of surrounding yourself with honest, hardworking people who possess great habits and live integrity based lives. By foregoing proper and extensive screening, it is easy to hire the wrong people.  A person wearing a suit or a formal dress may hide the true character of a prospective employee.

The selection of the best qualified and properly screened employees is a step that many times is “fast tracked”, only to discover later that the wrong person was hired.  The methods employed by FirstLook Screening are quick, accurate and affordable and should be mandatory for any employer desiring to hire the best available employees while at the same time being compliant to pertinent laws.

Every client of FirstLook Screening has access to the owner of the business personally.  Dennis gladly gives out his mobile phone number and invites you to call him at any time if you have a concern or question.   Wouldn’t it be grand if every company you do business with had that philosophy: “The client’s needs come first.”

In addition to background screenings comprising every avenue of screening technology, FirstLook also offers superior drug testing capabilities and on-line psychological integrity/aptitude assessments to assist employers in making better hiring decisions.   FirstLook will even give any legitimate business, group or organization 3 basic background screening at no charge just to show you what we can do for you, no obligation of course.

Feel free to call Dennis anytime and see what a difference the white glove service and dealing direct with the owner at FirstLook Screening can make.